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Luke and Avery Swank. Also Known as Big Head Luke and the Monster.  Best known for their ability to bounce back from any ailment thrown at them.  They've battled pyloric stenosis, hernias, serious heart conditions, Luke's funny hands inherited from his father, and have had 9 surgeries so far between them with more to come.   When asked about it, Avery stood up and exclaimed "Nothing will hold us down.  The world better be ready for the Swank Boys!"  Goals in life: To be healthy, happy children and go on to be successful adults.

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New Photos of Luke and Avery

                    Don't Steal My Sunshine




Rudy the Retriever.  Also Known as The Colored Grandchild.  Best known for his ability to swallow dad's unfinished supper in a single gulp.  Somewhat frustrated since his brothers arrived because he has to give up, in his words, "all the attention".  Goals in life:  To pack on more pounds than any other Golden Retriever before him. 

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                              The Rudy Page





Sheri Swank.  Also known as Big Mama.  Best known for her ability to simultaneously change two diapers at the same time while also building new shelves in the garage.  Goals in life:  To get a full night's sleep.  

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                          Todd & Sheri 




Todd Swank.  Also known as ShortArmGuy.  Best known for his ability to run across parking lots naked, sticking his head in vats of  pizza sauce, and putting his whole hand in his mouth.  Goals in life:  Total World Domination

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Photos & Letter from Christmas 2000



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